Várady’s 34th International workshop for
Phlebology, Lymphology and Angiology

In cooperation with the annual workshop
of Servier on venous diseases

Annual meeting of the International Forum for Minisurgery of Varicose Veins

10 – 11 May, 2019, Hotel International - Golden Sands,
Varna, Bulgaria

The meeting is certified!



Dear Colleagues Phlebologists, Angiologists and Vascular Surgeons from Bulgaria, Europe and the World!

It is my honor and great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 34th workshop under the guidance of Professor Zoltan Varady. For the first time, this science forum in the field of phlebology will be held in Bulgaria on 10-11 May 2019 in the Golden Sands resort near the sea capital of Varna. The event will take place in hotel "International".

The workshop is organized with the exclusive sponsorship of the pharmaceutical company Servier, which initiated the national workshop on venous diseases at the same time. We respect Professor Varady and his idea to create and introduce into practice the principles of mini invasive and aesthetic phlebology. Every year the interest in the workshop grows and the event attracts an ever-growing audience of participants from different countries. Traditionally, the forum will be opened in 2019 by Prof. Varadi with an introductory report on "The Principles of Mini Invasive Surgery in the Treatment of Varicose Veins". Professor Zoltan Varady and I, Dr. Angelov, have the pleasure to invite all colleagues who are involved in their daily practice with the problem of varicose veins and other phlebological and lymphoid diseases, to be actively involved in the forum, and we will have more professionals to share their experience in a brief presentation to the audience. The setting of the workshop is entirely casual, meaning every attendant can listen to others, as well as present their own personal work and experience. The official languages of the workshop are English and German with simultaneous slides on two screens. For colleagues who prefer to deliver their presentation in Bulgarian, simultaneous translation is provided.

Anyone who wishes to present their work or just a listen should register in time by filling in the registration form on the site. One day before the opening of the scientific forum, on Thursday, 09.05.2019, a practical training session in sclerotherapy of varicose veins with liquid and foamy sclerosant and principles of external elastocompression will be held at the "St. Marina" hospital. Due to the limited number of participants, please fill out the relevant form on the webpage, which will then be forwarded to dr.angel.borisov@gmal.com We also extend a kind invitation to companies producing modern medicines, consumables and aids used in phlebology, lymphology and angiology to participate in the workshop. Any company registered on our site will receive a formal invitation to participate and details on the organization of a stand. At the end of the first working day, Friday 10.05.2019, during the dinner party, Prof. Varady and I, Dr. Angelov, will pass on the torch to the organizer of the next scientific forum in 2020 - Professor Alexander Flor from Vienna.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Varna!

Prof. Varady and Dr. Angelov

About the event

As many already know this workshop bears some specialties: International character – in cooperation with other phlebological societies and the german professional association for lymphology - opinions from many countries are to be heard about, practical topics and courses, semi- live operation course, intimate atmosphere, each participant is also a referent, topic discussions without prepared lectures.The convention has the form of a large round table talk without a program elaborated in detail. To each topic you can present your proposals or short lectures. The program, as ever before, is just globally outlined; the particular lectures are not listed, so there is still room for some surprise. The lectures are hold in English or German language, the beamer presentations are supposed to be shown parallel in both languages. A congress DVD will be realeased as every year, which you get at the congress. Allparticipants receivea booklet of every presentationin English and German. The meeting in Varna is the fourth of the series of Várady’s workshop sabroad, next cities: Vienna 2020, Bratislava 2021, Belgrad 2022, St. Peterburg 2023!

Sincerely, Dr. Angelov, Prof. Várady

Place: Hotel International*****, 9007-Golden Sands - Varna/Bulgaria, www.hotelcasinointernational.com

Directions: When making a reservation, Hotel International provides a shuttle service to and from Varna Airport

Accomodation: Hotel International*****, Golden Sands SR 119,00 BGN (=61,00 €); DR 158,00 BGN (=81,00 €) (inc. breakfast) Reservation is made via e-mail: reservations@interhc.com.; Hotel reservation form can be found here.

Main topics: diagnostics, operative and conservative procedures, endovascular treatment, compression and sclerotherapy, lymphology, haemostaseology and thrombosis, posterpresentation 100x80 cm

Event organizers

Dr. med. Angel Angelov

Dr. med. Angel Angelov

Prof. Dr. med. Zoltán Várady

Prof. Dr. med. Zoltán Várady

In cooperation with


MEDI – from Beyreuth - Germany - a world famous manufacturer of all types of upper and lower limb compression consumables as well as for a body.
ILAN – importer of modern ultrasound and other medical equipment for the needs of the Bulgarian market.
Infomed – importer and distributor of the German company for laser fibers and laser equipment – Biolitec.
Traypharma - a company that in 2018 for the first time in the modern history of Bulgaria registered a medicine for chemical ablation of varicose veins – fibrovein.
Бьорингер Ингелхайм – голяма фармацевтична компания с богато портфолио, но ще спомена специално лекарствения препарат прадакса.

Hartmann - a German manufacturer of a great variety of wound healing consumables.

Translate – Importer for Europe of stationary and mobile devices for quality diagnosis and treatment of superficial varicose veins.

Event schedule

Registration; presentation of sponsors

Lunch and video presentations of mini invasive surgery and sclerotherapy.

Solemn opening of the Workshop. - Angelov

Introductory lecture: Mini invasive surgical treatment of varicose veins – forty years of experience - Várady

Thermoablation – Chairmen: Petrov, Stankev, Flor

Welcome from the head of the Bulgarian Society of Vascular Surgery and Angiology. - Petrov

Laserablation of leg veins: should bee more or less radical? - Flor

Laser crossectomy: 10-year experience. - Bihari

Endovenous treatment in chronic vein thrombosis. - Caballero

How do I perform laser ablation: TURBO EVLA? - Rits

Modern aspects of endovenous laser ablation. - Parikov

The best strategy for treatment of insufficient GSV, Hach I type - Anastasov & Dramov

ELVA of recurrent varicose veins. - Slavin

Endovenous laser ablation experiences from 2005-2018 with 810 & 1470 diode. - Mathew

Alternative calculation of optimal LEED for EVLA. - Alekseev


Coffee break

Operative treatment - Chairmen: Tschervenkov, Girov, Bihari

Endoluminal treatment and minisurgery – combination or single approach? - Böhm

Hypothermia in patients undergoing op. treatment for varicose vein disease - Steffen

How to perform good miniphlebectomy? - Kalemba

MOCA as a first-choice treatment in a patient with recurrent varicose veins after high ligation and stripping - Valtschev

Treatment options of aesthetic veins of the hand and the forearm. - Flor

Atypical sources of venous reflux and their treatment. - Zernovicky

Nd:Yag 1064 nm long pulse laser in aesthetic phlebology. - Parikov

Is there a justification for open surgery in the treatment of varicose veins? - Frings

SEPS-subphasceal endoscopic removal of perforant varicose veins. - Runkov

Actual treatment for the deep vein thrombosis - Arriaga

Treatment of venous aneurysms and large-diameter saphenous veins. - Maslianski


History of the Várady’s Workshop. - Várady

Gala dinner. Transmitting the relay to Vienna for 2020.

For more details about the 35th Varady-Workshop in 2020 in Vienna, organized by Professor Alexander Flor, please open: www.veinsinternational.com

Servier– annual symposium - Chairmen: Petrov, Rabe

Opening of symposium: 25 years of collaboration of Servier and the Bulgarian Society of Vascular Surgery and Angiology. - Petrov

The new guidelines for treatment of CVD and new scientific proofs about MPFF`s efficacy, combined with venous procedures. - Rabe


Pros and cons of mini-invasive procedures and traditional open surgery methods. A discussion between two specialists on stage, around a clinical case. - Anastasov & Mihaylov


Coffee break

Non-thermal mini-invasive techniques – summary of our practical experience. - Nikolov


Presentation – The best clinical case of young specialist.

Hand-On workshop – Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy mini-course on mock-up model. - Staneva & Lukanova


Chronic venous insufficiency - Chairmen: Staneva, Böhm, Sanchez

Improved sclerotherapy by transillumination. - Damisch

Sclerotherapy in haemangiomas. - Goranova

Etiology, diagnosis and therapy of chronic venous disease. - Lukanova

Patterns of the saphenous vein reflux. - Sanchez

Aesthetic Phlebology. - Prave

Tumescence-assisted short catheter foam sclerotherapy. - Radev

Glue occlusion of saphenous veins. - Bihari

Foam sclerotherapy treatment of acute varicose veins bleeding. - Petkov


Coffee break

Varia - Chairmen: Lukanova, Kiesewetter, Serralde

Cloud-based phlebologic documentation. - Flor

Non-thermal non-tumescent ablations: when, why and how to do it? - Zernovicky

Differential diagnosis of lower leg ulcer. - Stege

Bandaging or stockings? – best postoperative treatment for venous and endovenous surgery. - Steffen

The economic alternative for sapheno femoral insuffienciency: crossectomia by Mini-surgery. - Vega

Treatment of high-risk pregnancies. - Kiesewetter

New possibilities in the treatment of venous leg ulcer. - Zernovicky

Reticular veins, spider veins and incompetent perforantes in the SVS of the rat. - Nádasy

Our experience in the treatment of chronic marturell wounds on the lower leg. - Mitev

Non-Thermal ablation of Great Saphenous Vein. - Serralde

3-years experience of the wound center in Berlin. - Katz

Treatment of venous ulcer with adjustable Velcro Device. - Serralde

Crossroad in phlebology: Late stage surgery or prevention? - Ragg

Microsurgery. - Várady


Closure of Várady’s Workshop - Angelov


Participation fees

All reporters do not pay a participation fee!

Student access

  • participation at the meeting
  • lunch at Friday and at Saturday (excluding beverages) and coffee breakes
  • new released, congress DVD with all lectures of the meeting in 2018
Standart access

  • participation at the meeting
  • lunch at Friday and at Saturday (excluding beverages) and coffee breakes
  • new released, congress DVD with all lectures of the meeting in 2018
Banquet at Friday

  • can be purchased with the standart access

The registration fee remains unchanged even when you do not use one or more benefits, since it is lower than that offered services, thanks to the sponsoring companies!

Registration forms


Additional information
  • The participation fee with a stand for the two days Friday and Saturday 10- 11.05.2019 is 1000€ and will be paid by bank transfer to the
    IBAN: BG16 STSA 9300 0006 5844 53 - AIPSMP Angel Angelov
  • All payments made will be invoiced
  • Overnight stays at Hotel International are booked individually by e-mail by each participant: reservations@interc.com


Additional information
  • Every presenter or listener receives a certificate of participation.
  • The participation fee with a stand for the two days Friday and Saturday 10- 11.05.2019 is 100€ and will be paid by bank transfer to the
    IBAN: BG16 STSA 9300 0006 5844 53 - AIPSMP Angel Angelov
  • The accompanying person's fee for the official dinner on Friday 10.05.2019 is 30€, payable to the same bank account
  • The fee for participation in the practical training session on sclerosis of varicose veins with liquid sclerosant and foam and on the problems of external elastic compression on 09.05.2019 is 250€ and is paid on the same bank account.
  • An invoice is issued for all payments made
  • Overnight stays at Hotel International are booked individually by e-mail by each participant: reservations@interc.com

For more information please contact Dr. med. Angelov at the e-mail address: dr.angel.borisov@gmail.com or workshop@phlebo-varady.de